Friday, September 5, 2014

Resource Advisors (READs)

Resource Advisors (READs) are a vital part of any wildland fire. READs work closely with firefighters to protect land and wildlife when planning suppression efforts. When fire retardant is being used, READs will map out areas where planes can safely drop retardant in order to avoid contaminating watersheds or harming protected fish species such as Bull Trout and Spring Chinook. Timber fellers work closely with READs as well, in order to minimize the impact to important habitats for Northern Spotted Owls and other species. Finally, once the fire has been contained, READs help with rehabilitation efforts to repair the effects of fire suppression. This includes things like replanting vegetation and putting waterbars on fire lines and dozer lines to prevent excessive erosion and reduce the amount of sediment in streams. By working together the Incident Management Teams can protect natural resources and put the fire out as quickly as possible.


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